IMG_20180625_145143Hello fellow wanderers, backpackers and soul searchers. I’m Allie. I’m a freelance editor, a travel enthusiast, and a writer. I edit fiction at http://www.editsbyallie.com. I am full of curiosities about this world and the people who are living in it.

When I first graduated from university, I decided to go. I had never been abroad before, but I packed a suitcase and headed off to Ireland on my own. I stayed for three months. I tried to settle back into home after that, but I had changed. I couldn’t stay still. I had so many adventures inside my head, and my next move was to Italy. There, my feet stuck. I never intended to, but I stayed for three years, travelling here and there around Europe, but making my “permanent” home in Florence. I recently became unstuck. I am currently back in Canada, awaiting new adventures.

Life is a story. Everyone has a unique story and a unique way of telling it. For my business, I help writers to tell their stories in the best possible way, but now I’ve created this blog to tell bits and pieces of my own. These are versions of my truth, pieces of my travel adventures told as stories (some true and some not). You are not likely to find tips or travel itineraries here…I prefer narratives, weaving tales about lives I’ve lived in the places I’ve been; shining light on the people, places and things I’ve seen along the way. No, I am not full of money, galavanting around the globe. I am a broke twenty six year old, scraping together money by working as I go, dragging a large backpack or a small suitcase along with me. Join my journey…

Why artichokes?

One thing about me is I can never seem to stop moving, I can never seem to find my place.  I always have to change, to move, to evolve. I recently learned the french idiom avoir un coeur d’artichcaut, (to have an artichoke heart), which means to be fickle, to be someone who is always changing their mind, never quite settling in. So here I am, sharing my fleeting thoughts with you.